StabMovies.com was originally known for re-creating the movies-within-the-Scream-movies, the "Stab" movies, for free online viewing! All of our Stab movies are still available for free but now we're offering ALL ORIGINAL, brand-new horror content! We already have several original short films posted and our first full-length, original horror film will premiere in 2017! We also have more short films coming your way soon, so stay tuned! And never fear, we still have plenty of Stab themed surprises for you!

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And yes, BIG NEWS! We just announced that soon we will not only be offering the Stab movies for friend online viewing but we will also be offering ALL ORIGINAL horror content from now on!

Bob Weinstein says "there will be no more ‪#‎Scream‬ movies" 

Even though Entertainment Tonight accidently showed a Scream 5 poster.... Weinstein still insists there won't be a Scream 5 :(

"Bob Weinstein, the longtime horror-movie maven who runs the Weinstein Co. with his brother Harvey, says there won’t be any more “Scream” movies, and that MTV is the right place for the property to find its next life. “It’s like putting an art-house movie in an art-house theater—where the teens reside is MTV.”

Read the rest of the article here: http://www.wsj.com/articles/can-scream-help-mtv-win-back-missing-teens-can-scream-help-mtv-1435257855


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Stab 7 Premieres


Our final Stab film, Stab 7 premieres on Halloween right on our YouTube channel!



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