StabMovies.com was originally known for re-creating the movies-within-the-Scream-movies, the "Stab" movies, for free online viewing! All of our Stab movies are still available for free but now we're offering ALL ORIGINAL, brand-new horror content! We already have several original short films posted and our first full-length, original horror film will premiere in 2017! We also have more short films coming your way soon, so stay tuned! And never fear, we still have plenty of Stab themed surprises for you!

Stab 7 Delayed... Again 

Well, sadly it's that time again. Time to tell you that #Stab7 is cursed! We are still in production on our second version of the movie (after innumerable obstacles both personal and professional) BUT we still have a LOT more to go and we need to do some major rewrites as production has taken so long that a few of our cast members have moved to other states! WE ARE WORKING TO FIX #STAB7 as fast as possible but it sadly won't be ready in time for Halloween :( WE ARE SO SORRY! But please know we are doing everything we can to revamp, recycle and create the best version of #Stab7 possible. It's going to be one hell of a finale! At least it better be! But -- STAY TUNED! Because we're going to have a lot of other stuff to kill time while you wait for #Stab7! Make sure you're subscribed to us on youtube (www.youtube.com/stabmovies) because we're going to be releasing all kinds of new stuff soon! Thank you so much for you patience and we look forward to providing you more FREE horror entertainment soon!

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Stab 7 Premieres


Our final Stab film, Stab 7 premieres on Halloween right on our YouTube channel!



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